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At Indiana University BloomingtonAfter touring a few different college campuses this summer, I continue to see the importance of the “college visit” for students and families. I toured the UCSD campus in a unique way; they offer a history and architectural tour that emphasizes the physical campus and programs that are available. After a 90-minute tram tour from a wonderful Professor there, I realized how much there is to see on each and every campus, and that the traditional admissions tour is not the only way to learn about a campus. In fact, there are so many different ways to gain knowledge about a school that can offer a different point of view. Obviously, I love taking the admissions tour provided by students walking backwards and selling the school from their vantage point…they generally share a lot of enthusiasm and let their personality take charge and that can often help form an impression of the school. The downside is that it can often be a make it or break it visit for some students.

My visit to Indiana University-Bloomington was also unique; I missed the admissions tour by about 15 minutes and decided to take the map and rain poncho given to me at the admissions office, and take a self-guided tour. A bit quiet in summer, and even quieter while the dark skies gave way to a torrential rain, I pulled on my poncho, and forged on to discover a quaint middle eastern restaurant. I was able to dry off, collect myself, chat about campus life with the friendly server, and return to the campus art museum with yet another interesting perspective about this school and many of its programs.

While we can all go online and search for information and statistics about the school, mission, programs and selectivity, there is nothing like a campus visit to help in the final analysis!

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  1. Nice post. Suggestions for “college visit” for final analysis are good thought.

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