ask audrey provides many different services with regard to the college search process:

Do What You Are Personality Assessment
Discover your personality type to learn how and where you will be most successful. DWYA matches your personality type to career fields that studies have shown to be more satisfying and successful

Each student fills out a 2-page questionnaire that details their academic record as well as any extra-curricular projects or activities. This gives a clear snapshot of what might be “missing” in the students profile. Beginning at the onset of the high school career is best.

Guidance and support with all facets of the application.

College Planner Pro (CCP)
This is a wonderful program that is used by students and parents to keep track of everything! It provides the organizational tool for students to search for schools, research programs, mark testing dates and scores, as well as the myriad of details needed for the application process itself.

College Essay Organizer
Another useful tool available for students who are applying to a longer list of schools and need additional support with the essay writing process.

This is becoming a more intensive process as students have to write multiple personal essays that speak to their own unique identities and accomplishments.

Mock interviews and interview strategies are discussed as many students are visiting schools and meeting with college admission representatives.

College Fair tips
How to make the local college fairs work for you!

Scholarship and Financial Aid Search
Provide up-to-date information on how/where to find appropriate scholarships in addition to FAFSA guidelines.

Choosing A College:

There are several different factors to consider in choosing a college that is right for you.

  • Getting Started
    What is your learning style? What are your academic interests? What is campus life like? What are the most popular majors? What is the selectivity rating of the school? What are the financial facts?
  • Consider College Characteristics
    Academic offerings, academic environment (balance of social and academics)religious and/or ethnic orientation, student body/life, campus activities, and percentage of students in Greek life.
  • Size
    Liberal Arts College, University, Technical Institutes or professional schools, Women’s Colleges, Community or Junior Colleges.
  • Cost
    Sticker vs. Actual price, type of merit scholarships and/or financial aid available, on-campus employment, student loans.
  • Do Your Research
    College websites, rankings, college fairs and open houses.
  • Admission Standards
    What are your chances? Make sure to have a range of schools; safety, reach and target.
  • Visiting and Interviewing
    Contact admission representatives, campus visits, Alumni interviews.