When should we begin the college application process?

As soon as you begin high school, you are making curriculum choices that will help determine your college options. This is the best time to begin working with a consultant in order to set goals and the steps in which to achieve them.

Do you work with students located only in Arizona?

No. Thanks to Skype and College Planner pro (CPP) , I work with students located across the country.

Do you work only with high achieving students?

No. There are so many colleges that can meet the academic and social needs of each unique student. I also advise students who may have learning differences and/or other special needs.

How long have you been a College Consultant?

I have been advising students as a Consultant for five years and for 2 years before that as a High School Counselor.

Do you help with SAT or ACT preparation?

No, I do not. I recommend tutors and services that specialize in test prep. However, I support the testing with regard to appropriate tests and testing dates.

Do you provide a college list for students?

I work individually with each student to compile a college list; however it is up to the student and family to make the final decision regarding which schools they will choose to make an application.

Will you write a college recommendation letter?

The college recommendation letter is written by the student’s high school counselor. I do advise students about the proper approach to asking for counselor and teacher recommendations.

Is it okay to take a year off before going to college?

There are many options for students who don’t want to go directly to college. We explore the many and varied opportunities that exist both nationally and internationally. I have experience with many international GAP year programs.

How important is it to visit colleges of interest?

Extremely important! The best time to visit is when colleges are in session to get a real feel for the student body. Also, it make or break your overall feelings about a school.