Now is the time-ask audrey…

scrippsFor all you high school juniors out there, don’t wait…Now is the time to jump start your college application process!

After returning from an inspiring IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Assn.) conference in San Diego, I can easily say, don’t put off the start of this important process. The students need time; time to become more self-aware, time to think about and prepare options, time to visit and/or research as many schools as possible. Parents need time to manage all of this as well, and need time to make the necessary adjustments to lay out the right financial plan. All of this takes TIME.

I have many families that talk to me about their high school students and often wait to begin the actual planning; this delay can penalize everyone involved without them even realizing what is at stake.

Learning from and with the most experienced colleagues in the admissions office, I am reminded how important our role is as Independent Consultants in reaching out to help educate our consumers- families and students alike. I attended yet another financial aid seminar, and always learn some new information that is critical to securing financial aid and merit – based scholarships. In order to find the program that is the best academic and financial fit, families should begin some planning at the beginning of high school.

Finally, deadlines are deadlines and must be met. This is a critical part of the game, and many students miss out on valuable opportunities by waiting.. the cost of putting off this process is great and ultimately can affect the final desired outcome for your child. Take some time over the holiday break to sit down and have a conversation about thoughts, dreams and finally, college-you may be pleasantly surprised!

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